Once you make an app, it’s already online. You then create pages, so that your users can interact with the app.

The default is that Pleasant Solutions will host it for you on our secure server. However, if you’d like to host it on your own on-premise server, please contact us directly and we can discuss your options with you.

If you use Microsoft Excel regularly and are comfortable making spreadsheets with basic formulas and functions, you can easily learn how to make Sheetcast applications within your existing Excel spreadsheet. Sheetcast has been designed with basic Excel users in mind while allowing expert Excel users to leverage the full power of Excel and advanced functionality of Sheetcast.

Are you new to Excel or still wanting to learn more? Great news – given that Excel has unparalleled global market dominance, there is no end to the amount of free tutorials and guides available online - including some in our blog.

We have dedicated technical support professionals available should you have any questions.

But since Sheetcast is so intuitive and easy to use, we don’t think you’ll have many questions, except for: "Why didn’t I get Sheetcast sooner?"

We break down the Excel document into its smallest parts and save them to different tables in our database. So we have a table for cells, a table for stylings, etc.

All you have to do is upload your spreadsheet to Sheetcast – via the ever-familiar Excel interface – and then create pages for the app.

When building this add-in, we decided to start with Excel, due to its unparalleled market dominance. Similarly, due to the fact that nearly every office employee knows how to use it already (or could easily learn), it helps to eliminate the steep learning curve associated with many software solutions, that can translate to lower user adoption and greater strain on your IT department.

Other spreadsheet software may be supported in the future.

Since Sheetcast was developed by our team at Pleasant Solutions – a full-service custom software company – we can develop or customize any feature you may need. Reach out to our team if you'd like to discuss developing custom features, programming integrations with other software systems, or just need some internal scripting support. Prices quoted upon request – contact us to find out more.

Sheetcast requires Windows 10 or newer. (Note: macOS is NOT supported.)

Sheetcast requires Excel 2013 or newer. (Note: Excel Online is NOT supported.)

Currently Power Tools are not supported.

Sheetcast does not support the use of VBA. In many cases, macros are not needed anymore because Sheetcast allows the same result in a few easy clicks, but we do support typing scripts as well. As a half way approach, you can also see the CastDo() formulas.

You can try our installation troubleshooter here.

Still have any lingering questions?
We want to help you decide whether Sheetcast is right for you and your team!