All plans include UNLIMITED:

  • Pages
  • Apps
  • Data/rows
  • Bandwidth
  • Web app pages made
  • Workflows
  • Attachments
  • Changes to web apps

*Anti-abuse policies apply

Includes unlimited anonymous visitors to your public pages.

monthly cost per user
Adding a password-protected page (for unlimited anonymous users) counts as one user.
monthly total cost
Looking for just one app? Too expensive? Try price per column instead.

Pay per column in your spreadsheet.

monthly cost per column
Sheetcast automatically detects the number of columns and rows in your spreadsheet, and charges you only for the lower of the two—thereby saving you money. For example, if you have five rows and one hundred columns, you will be charged the price for five columns.
monthly total cost

Yes, you can mix and match to save money. You can have your most popular apps with "price per column" so unlimited users can use them, and then have an unlimited number of less popular apps covered by "price per user".

monthly cost per user
monthly cost per column
monthly total cost

Pricing Scenarios


You want a mortgage calculator that can be used anonymously by the public.

Solution: Pay per user

  • One user at $12/month, and unlimited anonymous visitors.
  • Total monthly cost = $12


You want to create a client portal for 250,000 clients monthly to access a few pages you made, based on 10 columns of the spreadsheet.

Solution: Pay per column

  • Ten columns accessed by unlimited users at $10/month each.
  • Total monthly cost = $100


You want to create dozens of internal apps to be used by your 10 employees to improve workflow and productivity.

Solution: Pay per user

  • 10 users to access unlimited columns at $12/month each.
  • Total monthly cost = $120


You have a sales forecasting tool where three managers get full access to all the reports, and 500 salespeople input their projections each week, requiring five columns.

Solution: Combination

  • Three users to access unlimited columns at $12/month each, and five columns accessed by unlimited users at $10/month each.
  • Total monthly cost = $86

Optional Add-ons:

Excel expert services

Don't want to lift a finger no matter how easy? Contact us and we'll connect you with someone who can price out building it for you.

On-premise dedicated server

Extra charges vary by location.
Minimum license size of $30,000 - $100,000 per month.

Selling your app

No extra charge; the above prices still apply. When you sell your app, you choose whether you or your customers will be billed for the users or columns, as per above. Either way, we'll make it very easy for you to make recurring revenue.

Selling your app via our ecommerce store

Added 5% transaction fee.

Selling merchandise inside your app (coming soon)

No extra charge; minimum license size of $100/month.

Special situations

If the above pricing does not suit your needs, we are open to discussing your unique situation and finding a solution.

Need Something Custom?
If there’s a feature you need that isn’t currently available, we can custom program it for you – that’s what we do! Since our company (Pleasant Solutions) is a custom software development firm, we can design any feature or integration you may need and offer full-service support.