Powerful Features, Easy Setup

Sheetcast enables any non-technical person to build their own powerful, custom web applications in just a few minutes. There are nearly infinite possibilities of what you can create, and they look and perform great on any device.

Sheetcast leverages Microsoft Excel – the unrivaled spreadsheet application – in a brand new and innovative way. If you can use Excel, you can use Sheetcast! Your users will not be challenged by a steep learning curve, unlike with many software programs on the market. This game-changing Excel add-in allows organizations of all types to affordably streamline their processes, bolster security, and minimize the risk of errors, while collecting data from numerous users – all at once.


Example App Features

  • Data Input
  • Reports
  • Advanced Workflows
  • File Attachments
  • Signature Capture
  • Chat Rooms

And so much more!


Sources Of Data:

Online Forms
Spreadsheet Content
Database Content
GPS Location
Integration to Other Software (APIs)

Types Of Output:

Rows of Data
Emails with Attachments
Email Notifications
Notifications to Other Software (APIs)


Spreadsheets are essential - but how they are used has barely evolved since Microsoft Office’s Excel first came out. Current practices leave businesses open to vulnerability. Spreadsheet blunders could leave your organization open to errors that can — and have — accounted to millions of dollars in losses.

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Features to Mitigate Risks

Per-user security access settings.
Automatic notification systems.
Hidden or unchangeable formulas.
Restrict users to subsets of data.
Consistent data validation: restrict input type or range.
Generate user-activity audit trails.
Define custom logic/rules.
Need Something Custom?
If there’s a feature you need that isn’t currently available, we can custom program it for you – that’s what we do! Since our company (Pleasant Solutions) is a custom software development firm, we can design any feature or integration you may need and offer full-service support.