As Microsoft Access heads into the sunset, organizations are urgently seeking fresh alternatives.

Don’t settle for a mere substitute; upgrade to Sheetcast!

  • Quick, easy conversion process preserves your existing data and layout while expanding functionality.
  • Can be maintained by ordinary users with no special technical knowledge (if you can handle Access, you can certainly handle Sheetcast).
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  • Accessible 24/7 on any internet-connected device.

As MS Access Heads Into the Sunset, Companies Scramble For Alternatives

If you’re into data management the way we are, you’ve likely noticed an unsettling trend in recent headlines. “Microsoft Access: Is it still relevant in 2023?” asks Comparitech. Medium expresses its concern in even blunter terms: “Is Microsoft Access Dead?”

Pro tip: if a website named Medium is hosting seances to contact a once-admired tech product, it’s probably a bad sign.

But, even though MS Access’s days may be numbered, thousands of companies worldwide continue to rely on the decades-old app to gather, store, and track their data. In business, inertia can make change feel impossible no matter what the potential benefits might be. Inevitably, many of those companies will hang on to Access as long as they possibly can, until Microsoft eventually pulls the plug entirely.

Others, though, will read the writing on the wall and explore newer, more powerful options before it’s too late. After all, the world is gravitating toward data management that is more user-friendly, interactive, cloud-based, and mobile-ready. Access struggles in all those areas and, as a result, feels more and more like yesterday’s tool.

Upgrade from MS Access to Sheetcast Jason Clarke, VP of Sales for Sheetcast, says his company is eager to step into the breach. “We want to make it as straightforward and seamless as possible for businesses and organizations to upgrade from Access to Sheetcast.”

Sheetcast, explains Clarke, preserves a company’s existing data and layout while vastly expanding functionality. With Sheetcast, they can collect data from multiple simultaneous users—even thousands—from anywhere, using virtually any internet-connected device. At the other end, they gain extensive options for reviewing, analyzing, and sharing the captured data in real time—using detailed charts and graphs, automatically generated pdf reports, email alerts, and more.

“Upgrading couldn’t be easier,” says Clarke. “Our team is ready to guide people through every step of the process, and to get them fully up to speed on Sheetcast. And it’s not a steep learning curve. If you can handle Access, you can handle Sheetcast.

The bottom line, according to Clarke? “Switching from Access to Sheetcast could be the best business move you ever made—even if you initially didn’t want to make it.”

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