A Better Way to Sell Your Excel Sheets

Instantly broadcast your Excel templates into revenue generating web apps that everyone can use, even non-excel users!

Solving the Challenges of Selling Excel Templates

If you’ve ever sold your XLS files online, you probably realize the practice comes with challenges.

First, you risk your intellectual property with every new sale. Once buyers have your templates in hand, they can see your formulas and workflows. They could potentially reverse-engineer your hard work and repurpose it, or even resell it without your consent or knowledge.

Second, unlocking recurring revenue from Excel templates can be difficult, as the templates are typically one-time purchases. To build consistent income, an innovation is needed.

Third, to use your templates potential users must own a copy of Excel and be reasonably skilled at using it. This narrows down your potential customer base even further.

The Sheetcast Solution

With Sheetcast, these pitfalls are a thing of the past. On our secure hosted platform, you can easily broadcast your Excel files into powerful web apps—expanding your market reach and safeguarding your intellectual property. Your formulas remain shielded from prying eyes, protecting your proprietary workflows.

Now the market for your existing product is wide open to all.

How to quick start your Sheetcast app:

Step 1: Build an Excel Template

Start by creating an Excel template with the functionality you want to offer—anything from a budget planner to a complex data-analysis tool. With your Excel expertise, the only limit is your imagination.

Step 2: Use Sheetcast to Broadcast Your Excel Sheet

You can easily broadcast your Excel file into a sleek web app, complete with a user-friendly interface. We’ll be here to ensure the setup runs smoothly.

Step 3: Start Collecting Passive Income

Finally, simply share the URL of your Sheetcast app with your target audience. As customers access and use your app, you’ll start collecting revenue. It’s as simple as that! With Sheetcast, your Excel skills will be more profitable and marketable than ever.

Example Usage Pricing

Mortgage Calculator Webapp

Total monthly cost =

Just playing around with Sheetcast

Total monthly cost =

Client Portal

Total monthly cost =

Dozens of Internal Employee Apps

Total monthly cost =

Sales Forecasting Webapp For Team of 500 People

Total monthly cost =

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